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  • Survival arena

    Why is there still a problem with this still giving error message about internet connection? Don’t have a problem on ANYTHING else. I’ve lost turns, tons of pink tickets and right answers. It’s im...

  • Missions

    Once again I completed my missions and was not rewarded anything. Why does this keep happening?

  • Snowman challenge

    Pisses me off you start a new challenge and of course it doesn’t work. Trying to do the challenge but every time I get the 4210 error and it took all the right answer checks I had saved. Stop putti...

  • Gems

    You have been saying forever these gems would be useful again. They are not! Why don’t you switch out gems from wheel and also from every 50th question and replace them with a right answer check??...

  • Triviatopics probs

    I just completed my 6 categories to win triviatopics and did not receive my rewards. WTF? So sick of all these glitches. There’s so many in these games it’s ridiculous!!!!

  • Chocolate game

    So I don’t fully understand this game and there’s nowhere to read about it but twice it shows I’ve wine some right answers and something else yet both times I’ve received absolutely nothing. Just 1...

  • Triviathon

    I find it hilarious that you’re starting a new Triviathon game when myself and many others have complained about not being able to play this game. It’s been 5 months for me and I have contacted you...

  • Survival problems

    I am sick to death of everything I try to use a right answer in survival I get and error code and lost connection. This has been going on for a while. So frustrating. Not only do I lose a right ans...

  • Gems

    How about you start letting us use gems to purchase pink tickets, lives, right answers, etc? You been saying for the longest time they’d have use but they never do. Some of us have 20-30,000 gems ...

  • Triviathon

    Seriously, for 5-6 months I haven’t been able to play triviathon. I have complained, had contact with you through email and still nothing. It’s really hard to collect points when I can’t play. How ...