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  • etermax

    Hi Susan Abram, thanks for reaching out through this forum. We've contacted you via email to receive more information about the situation you mention with the wheel, so that we can look into it and solve any possible inconsistencies with the game. We look forward to your response. Have a wonderful day!

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  • Lloyd

    She's right you know. I have several examples of this and have played this game every day, from its inception. One of the most well known rigged games is the daily question. It's fairly easy to win, but ah, where are the 'good' prizes...? Certainly never where you pick. Only coincidence I am sure. You will find that perhaps once in 20 tries you are awarded the 700 coins, 50 credits or 3 correct answers. Its not that random, the system decides after you have selected, no matter what logic or method you use to achieve a different result. 

    Another example I can think of is how difficult it is to get certain category questions where you are oh so close to achieving a mission, especially one with with a great prize such 100x points 24/48 hr. I could need 1 history answer to get the last achievement, and the wheel will land on anything BUT the history category until my turn is lost. I also have noted the increased difficulty of questions the closer you are to those achievements as well. It's not imagination or paranoia, it occurs like clockwork and certainly forces players to purchase power ups to overcome it. 

    You will deny this until the day this game ends, but it's true, you know it, and we all know it. Heaven help you if someone ever proves it, or is able to crack into your program. 



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