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  • Survey Scam

    Has anyone else fallen for the survey scam? Fill in a lengthy survey and then it fails to deliver the three ticks. I’ve tried numerous times, so I’m guessing it’s like much in this game - a scam.

  • Advertising hangs the game

    Various Australian ads simply hang at the end forcing a hard reboot of the game. I’ll probably just stop playing rather than constantly rebooting, especially now the game takes twice as long to res...

  • Rigged Survival

    Care to explain how an anonymous user with no name and novice status can legitimately make 120,000 points in a day?

  • Survival crashing

    Your bots have finally killed Survival, according to the last game that crashed on me, there were 43 players, 35 of whom got it wrong. You still took our credits though. In many jurisdictions this ...

  • Etermax Bot Fraud

    Hey Etermax. You claim the anonymous users who blitz the Survival game are not bots you have created. How do you explain the fact that they are all level one novice players and remain so even after...

  • Cookie Con

    Beware anyone stupid enough to still be “feeding their pet”. Like drug dealers, the game is rigged so that less cookies appear while the pet needs more and more to survive. There are rumours that t...