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  • I Hate Tug of War

    I LOVE Pic Duel, but I HATE Tug of War. Is this a temporary thing, or will it ever go back to just the beloved Pic Duel? Please say it's the latter!

  • Triviatopics Made HARDER?!?

    Suddenly, within the last few weeks, if you lose three rounds in a category, you now go straight to needing 120 credits (pink tickets) in order to get one more chance. Lose that round, and the cred...

  • Pic Duel & Survivor not working!

    I get a 6200 error message every time I try to play Pic Duel. Survivor won't even open at all - just gives an "unexpected error" message. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ that is updated to the latest ...

  • Triviatopics Categories

    Can y'all please update the categories in Triviatopics? I am so tired of the Friends, Harry Potter, and Grey's Anatomy categories -- they've been there forever! It's time for some fresh material! N...