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    I think they've given up, too... Like there's no one running the ship.... It's unbelievable how bad they've become. The FOUR correct answers, as in Spelling category in Triviatopics, and you pick 1...

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  • Nise Winkler hizo un comentario,

    Me, too! Even when all answers are exactly the same, when I've picked the first answer, it says INCORRECT and that the 2nd choice was correct even tho all 4 answers were identical! Frustrating, to ...

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    Like...." Who is NOT a character on Friends?" Choices: "Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica" HELLO !!!!!!! They ALL are! I've already sent about 4 emails, but they're not taking it seriously, I guess. ...

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    I've been documenting as many WRONG answers as I can with screenshots and then googling correct answers. Plan to send to them because it's gotten ridiculously bad lately!

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    Games not displayed.

    Access limited to 6 games + classic! Very frustrating! Anyone else only see a few games on main screen? I am unable to see or access SURVIVAL, SURVIVAL AREANA, MISSIONS, TOURNAMENTS, ETC.... I've u...