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  • Disturbing questions

    How do these ridiculous questions continue to get approved?  The pictures are disturbing to say the least and some of the pictures have nothing to do with the question.  What's the point?

  • Pending Questions

    ericfields05 Hello, I have over 100 questions pending, many have been pending for weeks or months.  What is the process to get this fixed?  

  • Terrible Questions

    Does anyone not see a problems with these questions?

  • Question approval

    Can someone please tell me why none of my questions are being approved?  I have over 100 questions sitting with no action taken meanwhile another user bragged about how they have over 3000 question...

  • Offensive content

    Let's see how committed Etermax is to cleaning up the offensive questions. If anyone gets an art question with a weird picture of what's supposed to be pasta, screenshot it and send it to Etermax....

  • Question removed

    Can someone from Etermax explain why one of my questions was removed a day after it was approved. It was history question "Which president is mentioned in All in the Family's opening theme song". ...

  • Pending questions

    I have over 200 questions pending, most have never been voted and a few meet the 85% approval but is still in the que. I don't understand how terrible question writers can numerous questions appro...

  • Error codes

    Is anyone else getting error codes when they try to play pic duel or Survivor? I've lost at least 20 games this week because of it.

  • Repeated Questions

    Am I only who thinks there are too questions about Harry Potter, the Beatles, AC/DC, the Doors, the Scream, Patrick Mahommes, "old time" actor/actresses and One Direction? Also how many questions ...

  • Question Factory

    Is there an algorithm that gives some people 's questions a higher priority to go into the Ratings portal? I've written numerous questions but they just sit, not ever moving to be rated meanwhile ...