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  • Deborah McDougal hizo un comentario,

    The diamonds are useless i agree, and for me since I paid for the version of the game without adds, so are the hearts. We need to get extra cookies or correct answers.

  • Deborah McDougal hizo un comentario,

    I realize the game makers are in it to make money but it rely isn't fair for people to be able to win by buying correct answers and point boosters. No way can someone legitimately get such high sco...

  • Deborah McDougal hizo un comentario,

    What was the offensive content? I play all the time and haven't seen anything offensive. Also some are offended by anything they disagree with.

  • Deborah McDougal creó una publicación,

    Green monster

    How do I know when the monster is unlocked I've won eight matches in 24 hours now what don't see it anywhere

  • Deborah McDougal hizo un comentario,

    This new layout is horrible and much more difficult to navigate ....leave a good thing alone..bring back the prior format!