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  • Navigation in this forum

    Just discovered this forum today and love it but I’d like to suggest that you add “next” and “previous” buttons when reading a post in this forum. It’s rather cumbersome to navigate and read throu...

  • Classic game daily limit

    We can only score ranking points for 15 classic games per day. That’s not enough. I can knock that many out in 3 hours and can’t complete in the ranking because my Triviathon still doesn’t work.

  • Amazing performance in Ranking

    It’s a mere 20 hours since the new week of ranking began and the leader in my group already has over 25,000 points. I’m trying to figure out just how good that is, since that’s more than I earned ...

  • Definition of a turn

    A frequent Mission is to complete 30 or 40 “turns”. However, it doesn’t count turns, it counts missed questions. If you win a game or complete 3 questions when starting a game, your turn is over ...

  • Can’t score ranking points

    I just got the message that I have reached the daily limit on ranking points from classic games. I can’t get ranking points from Triviathon because it’s broken (see other post). I can’t get points ...

  • It’s called “Brokeback Mountain”!

    Triviatopics - Emoji category The clue is two male faces, a heart, and a Mountain The game says the answer is “Secrets of the Mountain” NO! I sent this in already and it hasn’t been fixed. Come...

  • Boring Fun Continue

    I have a question for Etermax. If I see a question that’s factually incorrect I report it, but if I think the question is just stupid, I’ll hit “Boring”, instead of “Continue”. My question is, “Doe...

  • Triviathon Missions fixed!

    Wow, you finally fixed my Triviathon Missions, which hadn’t worked for about 8 months. Thank you! Hope this means we can see progress soon on some of the other issues.

  • Remake Singers

    I was trying to figure out how this Triviatopics category got named. The questions didn’t seem to be about song remade songs at all, only women. Finally figured out it was a typo and they meant t...

  • Bots in Classic game

    Bots have been a mainstay of the Classic game for years. Through trial and error I figured out the best way to play them. 1. You can only play one at a time. 2. Bots will generally always comple...