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    Why does the promotion to and relegation in the standings change several times a day especially in am. Can't rely on cut off and has effected my ranking at the end of the week. It should not chan...

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    Why can we just play a game without the political commercials shoved down our throats. I remember checked a box on this game once that said opt out for that. Force me to watch that crap is wrong.

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    I picked the same square 21 days in a roll. Never came close to getting anything worth playing for. The next day I picked a different square. Guess witch one the 10 right answers landed on. Can't ...

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    Game manager response to the problem is the question is cut off. The problem is long worded questions, are 4 multi worded answers. There is not enough time to answer. At times it seems like 10 se...

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    Need to bring back being able to check performance on active games. It does no good to only view on completed games. Fix this and I can live with the rest.

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    I don't like nott being able to view opponents performance. Many use the percentages in how we play the game. The best feature before was being able to easily view active and inactive games in lar...

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    Started a game today when after my first turn it did so a name in green waithing for acceptance. Had a name in yellow shortly after that showed time remaining but no round and the score was 3-0 w...