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  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat.

    The best quality of this game is the variety of questions that most online trivia games lack. This morning alone I have seen this exact question from this author at least eight times. What’s the deal?

  • Gem Compromise

    For several years now you’ve heard the complaints from long time players about the useless gems and lives piling up from the free spin wheel. I am well over 50,000 gems now and also have a ‘lifetim...

  • Over the Moons

    A popular question in this game is which planet has the most moons. Some have the answer as Jupiter. Some have it as Saturn. According to NASA both planets have between 50 and 55 named and both hav...

  • Unfunny Fotos

    Far too frequently the photo that accompanies many of the newer questions looks like it was shot from a fun house mirror. Is it just me or is this a continuing problem for others?

  • Bugged by a bug in today’s mission.

      One of today’s missions is to win 4 categories in TriviaTopics. I have actually won 6 categories today, but it didn’t give me credit for winning the Sports category. So I only show 5 categories w...

  • Question screening failure

    Apparently this author has figured out how to approve his own questions. They are nonsensical and meaningless. This is ruining the game.

  • Question approval process What other explanation is there?

    I understand the game managers don’t create the trivia questions, but by now they should have better control of the approvals. I’m seeing fewer “trivia questions” from trumppesto in its various for...

  • Not so rare gems

    It’s been well over two years since the vending machines for gems have been stocked. For well over two years you have promised to create another use for gems. In well over two years I have now accu...

  • Survival bonus points

  • Triviatopics mission

    My mission includes winning 4 triviatopics categories. I did that and none have registered. This has never happened to me before. Please advise. Thanks