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  • Angie SoMd creó una publicación,

    Send Gifts (Coins, Lives, etc.) to Friends?

    Is there still a way to send lives or coins to friends in the game? I've read where players used to be able to do that and it's a great feature. I finally got my husband playing but he could really...

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    In reply to the 2nd post from Etermax:   I did submit two screenshots which was absolute proof of cheating and the cheater went on to win. When I submitted a new report to Support regarding my frus...

  • Angie SoMd hizo un comentario,

    In reply to the comment from Etermax: Report cheating?  I did, last Ranking Challenge,  with PROOF... you know what happened? Nothing,  in fact the cheater won the #1 spot and all the rewards.  I n...

  • Angie SoMd creó una publicación,

    Missions: Ranking Points Not Awarded

    This morning when I saw the news that for a limited time 400 points would be awarded for finishing a mission challenge I immediately began the new mission. The first one was easy, only "answer 3 ar...

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    I used to have this issue and what fixed it for me was going into my device's 'system settings' and changing the general font to a smaller size. I usually switch it back to a larger size after I'm ...

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    I was eliminated on that same question. I've run into a few wrong answers during Survival that knocked me out of the round. They need to have a way to report wrong answers in Survival just like you...