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  • We ❤️ Pic Duel

    I would like to play Pic Duel all day and have two suggestions - Increase the final target past 2500 pics and increase the Ranking points from 100 to 200 per win. Thanks for everything!

  • Crown League 4Ever

    I typically play Survival for 90% of my time on TC as Classic mode by itself can be meandering. Earth League/Crown League or whatever the title makes Classic games 10x more interesting. Keep it g...

  • Survival draw

    Thanks for making the question draw more difficult in Survival recently. Much more exciting and less tedious than having to go 15 to 20 rounds with easy Q’s. You win or lose much quicker now. I...

  • Ranking access

    The new ranking and marathon tournament is an exceptional addition. Please create a tab space access on the home screen as with the defunct Crown League. First space under Play Now is appropriat...

  • New prize wheel

    The golden wheel is beautiful with tremendous prizes. I’ll trade all my 39,000 gems for 1 spin! Would consider paying the $9.99 after but for 2 spins. Think about it :)

  • Question writing

    I’d like to add a space here if anyone wants to discuss question writing, favorite topics to write about, favorite questions to answer and methods/ideas, in general. I write mostly in the Art cate...

  • Survival - Let the players investigate and communicate

    While in Crown League and Classic Mode, one can tap a competitor’s icon to check out their stats, see which country they’re from and start a chat. It’s a great feature yet, in Survival, the option...

  • New space for Card Album

    Thank you for moving the card album from the home screen. Looks much cleaner as you scroll the page. For an even better appearance, I suggest moving the Piggy Bank to the Store area too.

  • Ranking of game modes

    Here’s a quick breakdown IMO: Challenge Mode* - The greatest option ever. Allowed fast-paced competition and big coin wins against either 10 or 30 players (in a custom-create mode). You were able t...

  • Classic Game time between turns

    I suggest reducing the time-limit someone gets to take their turn. 36 hours is too long, especially if you get matched with someone who stops playing after one turn.