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How do i know when i can get points again in classic games


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  • etermax

    Hello EricP! Thank you for your comment, we apologize for the delay in our response. Please bear in mind that only the points of the first 20 Classic matches played in the day are counted for the Ranking. In other words, from game number 21 onward, no points are added. Bear in mind that this will be applied to all of our users.On the other hand, for the Classic game’s points to be considered for the Ranking, you must have at least two crowns. This also goes for all of our users. Classic game point limit will be reset every day at 5:00 am UTC. Keep in mind you will be able to continue accumulating points for the Ranking by playing the rest of the game modes. We remain at your disposal for any other questions you may have! Have a great one! 



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