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Person buys herself to the top


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  • Lloyd

    They need to find a better way to solve tie breakers too. I think I played 20 questions with 1 player before finally getting a tie. Thats too many questions. 

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  • Judi Shevlin

    Hi Lloydjv. I too played 20 rounds with someone and finally I guess we both won. It angers me when people climb the leaderboard so quickly and it is sometimes a struggle just to get into the top five! I want to win as well, but people who spend a lot more money than I ever will get to the top and stay there. Frustrating as hell!!

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  • Abacus61

    You’re often playing bots installed in the game to increase activity. Check out the leaderboard and see how many are “novice” level players with anonymous usernames. Best advice is don’t play.

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