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  • Lloyd

    I am updating as i just found out Etermax has cleverly tricked us again. The shop page only shows power ups and credit for purchase, however if you scroll all the way to bottom and click on 'My Album' it will take you to the page you expected and you can renew renew your card rewards. That was pretty shifty and means more people will panic buy their hard earned rewards. 

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  • Kevin Hagemann

    I've been trying to tell everyone this for 2 years. I got fed up with the South American cheat squad. 

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  • etermax

    Hello Lloyd & Kevin Hagemann! Thank you for your post and comments and for reaching out regarding your Albums, gems and cards. We would like to let you know that due to a reorganization of the game's Shop, the gems and cards are no longer in the place they were previously. Nevertheless, you should be able to find a green button below the lives packs reading "My Album" which will provide access to the corresponding section. If this is not the case, please send us a screenshot in which we are able to see that you do not find a green button at the bottom of the Shop. That way, we will be able to analyze the situation and take appropriate action to correct it. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into account, however, please note you will not need to pay to access your card rewards. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We remain at your disposal for any other questions or doubts that may arise. Have a great day!

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