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  • etermax

    Hello @ablheath! Thank you for your post, we apologize for the delay in our response. We are very sorry you feel this way! We understand your frustration as you are letting us know that you have not been able to accumulate points in these game modes you mention. In order to be able to take your comments into account to continue improving, we would appreciate you providing the corresponding game modes' names. Thank you for voicing your concerns here. We wish you have a great day! 

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  • @ablheath

    One of them is Grand Prix - I don’t even understand how you’re supposed to play it. I already have games going on with plenty of players and it seems like it’s just a duplicate of regular play. I have plenty of games going on already, so what’s the point of it?
    The second is Survival Arena. When it was first added, the further you got in the game, your points increased. Now you only get 500 or 1000. I even won a couple of times. You changed the scoring and I have never gotten close to winning in months. I don’t think it’s my stupidity so I only play when I need some coins.
    Also, I’m wondering how I can be 39th on my team but would be 13 on my friends team? How can that be and why can’t I be on the same team as my friends?

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