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Gem Compromise



  • Lloyd

    I have asked this until I am blue in the face and still no answer. All they want is your money and the endless lives and gems people like us have amassed over the years are worthless and  meaningless to them. And as usual the only time they answer us to is to give lip service and not commit to anything. 

    Ok Etermax, here's a compromise: Offer so many free answers or credits for a small fee to trade in worthless gems and lives. How does that sound? A win/win for us all. 


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  • etermax

    Hello Robin Blomquist and @lloydjv! Thank you for your comments. We understand that gems and lives may not be as useful to long-time users as they are to new users, we appreciate your insight on this matter. We are very sorry to hear you are frustrated and we thank you for sharing your suggestions and ideas. We apologize for having yet to provide a solution to this situation. We always take our users´opinions into account and share them with our Developers team. We will continue working to try to improve the experience we provide through the application. Thank you for your feedback!

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