Repetitive Questions (Starting in Spring 2020)



  • Jorge Díaz Blanco

    La situación que expresa el usuario de este post es 100% real, ¿cómo es posible que se repitan tanto las preguntas, habiendo (supuestamente) tantísimas preguntas que se aceptan cada día?

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  • etermax

    Hello Pamela Thompson Hoge & Jorge Díaz Blanco! Thank you so much for posting about this situation here. Pamela, we´d like to let you know we are currently aware of the problem with the repeating questions bug, as several users have also reported similar situations. We are, therefore, working with our Devs team in order to have this solved as soon as possible. On another note, please bear in mind the quality and diversity of the questions in the game depend greatly on our users´input as all questions are suggested and approved by users themselves within the Question Factory. Please let us know what is your username in the account you´ve submitted your suggested questions from so that we can locate them and approve them. We are very sorry for all inconveniences this may have caused you. We wish you have a wonderful day!

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  • Pamela Thompson Hoge


    First of all, thank you for your very gracious response to my rudely worded question. I do need to say that I've answered over 1,000,000 questions on Trivia Crack: so I obviously love the game!

    I've really noticed the repeated questions most noticeably in a short period of time (over the last month or two); and didn't know if it should be attributed to fewer staff members checking questions due to Coronavirus.

    My main concern is that I like to be challenged; and being asked the same questions repeatedly is not helpful with that. 😊

    The user name I've submitted questions under is the same as my name above. If you could check on the status of some of the questions I submitted, I would very much appreciate it. You have accepted about 30 of my questions, but over 100 have just been sitting in your proposed question bank with little or no response.

    Thank you for your very prompt response. Again, I love the game and I'm so happy with the majority of everything on Trivia Crack!

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